The PG Series #05 Triplex Pump with 4.5” plungers are driven by an 8V92 Detroit engine coupled to CLT750 Allison Transmission. The pump is fully Zone II rated with Pyroban components installed.

Ideally, this 5-speed unit produces a max flow of 8 Barrels per minute (BPM) and a max pressure of 7,500 PSI.

REGOMS, known for refurbishment works, have been appointed to restore this 8-year-old sullied & under-performing unit to pristine condition.

Refurbishment works has been completed in about 4 months and upon completion, a new COC by REGOMS issued signifying the rebirth of the unit – making it more viable for contract bidding.

  • Engine Overhaul & Dyno Test
  • Transmission Overhaul & Bench Test
  • Triplex Pump rebuild & service
  • Radiator pressure test / service / replace new
  • New Air Tank & Packing Lube Tank
  • Calibration of reusable Gauges & Supply new Gauges
  • Driveshaft alignment & balancing
  • Blasting & Painting
  • Service & Make good control panel & displacement tank
  • New DNV 2.7-1 split skids – bespoke
  • Zone II components service & calibration of sensors
  • Zone II function test & recertification
  • Choke Manifold & Treating Iron (15k PSI)
  • Final Hydraulic Horsepower Testing